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The small things in life

Sometimes I cannot believe how giving, loving and amazing life can be. I am not talking about winning the lottery, winning a huge competition or anything big. I am talking about all the small and beautiful things in this world. Like the way a smile from another person can light up a day. The way sun sets on the sky. The fresh air you breath in. The feeling that you have accomplished something. Eating your favorite food. Watching a movie under a warm blanket after a long day. Giving a bigass hug to someone you love. 

Dream big! 


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Where is the love we are all seeking?

Why is it that we all are seeking love from others, when the one person that we need love from the most, is our selves? How come we don?t love our good qualities and accept our flaws? If we where to have unconditional love towards our selves we would not have any reason to bring other people down and the love would be true and meaningful, not just a need for confirmation. A confirmation that you are good enough, that you are loved. Because you are good enough, you are loved and you truly have to understand that. You have to love both the inner you and your beautiful surface. So before knocking anyone down, or seeking conformational love, start from the ground up and love yourself. Love the little extra on your belly or the way you are shy in the beginning. The way you speak way to fast when you get nervous or your tiny feet. The way you think your too tall or too short, too thick or too thin. The way you suck at drawing and are great at playing football. Love yourself wether you have to big nose or a too small but. Wether you get super nervous when you need to talk in groups or your one of the people that talk too much. Wether you are really funny or you just think you are(like me).


You are still gorgeous, you are still awesome! You deserve to be liked, to be loved, so love yourself! Love your fears away. Love you for who you are.

big hugs deNice

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A new start

I decided to delete everything that was on my blog and write everything in english instead of norwegian. I deleted everything first of all because of all the things I had written, which for me now, only seem weird and like a different me. The reason for changing into english is first of all for my non-norwegian speaking friends and second to get a broader audience than little Norway can provide me. I am still using the norwegian blogg.no, but that is because I really like it a lot. And I too lazy to make a totally new blog on another webpage(believe me, I tried)

I really want to share my daily life, ups and downs and my music. So that's that, and I hope you all enjoy my blog from now on(the times that i actually do blog)!


Big hugs - deNice

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Hei! Jeg er Denise og jeg har levd i 18 år. Jeg spiller gitar og synger mine egne sanger. Er helt ELENDING til å blogge, men elsker å gjøre det de 2 gangene i måneden jeg gjør det. users online